Attraction Club in Bucharest

Attraction Club

With a revolutionary concept of private parties and with a special design, Attraction Club is the only club from Bucharest where modern couples and single persons can enjoy the swing experience and chase boredom from their private lives.
In a more and more cosmopolite city with an elite looking for sophisticated entertainment, Attraction club is the perfect place where you can meet the most attractive persons, interested, same as you, to try the latest trend in sexual lifestyle.
Attraction Club is the only intimate, stylish and safe place where flirting and attraction are at their best.
In Attraction Club you can enjoy very sexy socializing, you can make friends and you can satisfy your most secret sexual fantasies, experiencing, only if you wish, free sex with single persons or attractive couples from here and abroad.
Attraction club is an exceptional place, created with seduction and style, which can satisfy the demands of an elite swingers community.
Respecting some high standards allows us to excel and have no rivals when it comes to the unique atmosphere from our club!
Our discreet and styled staff will assist you integrate easily and pleasantly in our club. The seductive environment, the sensual candle light and the appealing perfumes will make you enjoy every moment the atmosphere of Attraction Club events.


Agricultori 16 Street, Bucharest, Romania

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Friday, May 24, 23:00

Attraction Club

Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania