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So you have finally won the battle with prejudices, overcome your fears and are standing behind the door, the door to another world. Your heart, with its accelerated frequency, lets you know that an unforgettable evening full of emotions and excitement awaits you, but there is still a little fear and anxiety with you...

The door opens and you enter, giving each other courage and a sense that you are in this together. We will welcome you with a smile, we will walk through the corridor and the space of the main room will open in front of you. The atmosphere of the club, decent lighting, music...

You get the key to the locker and the staff takes you to the dressing room, where you get the first information about how the club works. The theme of the party determines whether you change your clothes or stay in the clothes you came in. You still have a tour of the club, a welcome drink is prepared at the bar and then you can choose a place to sit. Only IQOS are allowed to smoke in the club at the bar and in the VIP..

The tour follows, where you get more information about how things are with us and swingers. Every couple has their own ideas, and the spectrum of swingers' concepts is very wide. Couples can be roughly divided into three groups. In the first one, there are couples who are only together, without contact with others, and the atmosphere around them is enough. In the second group, there are couples who want to get to know each other, but they only need one couple according to their likes and spend the whole evening with the four of them. In the third group are couples who like larger groups or other situations. All couples respect each other and no one forces others to do anything they don't want to do. It's all about communication and just saying "Don't be mad but we want to be alone". It's a different world where completely different things are normal than in a bar or a disco, but even here there are rules and "NO" means "NO". You can easily keep your distance without any problems.

For new couples, we have a voyaer room where no one is allowed behind you and you can see the adjoining rooms.


Trinecká 672 ( modré F ) Praha 9 - Letnany, Prague, Czech-Republic

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